DX Time Robo, The Only Megazord With Three Modes


Timeranger’s primary mecha, Time Robo, stands out among the Super Sentai mecha because it has three distinct modes. However, not everyone appreciates his unique appearance. Most exciting, though, is that there’s a lot more in the toy line than what we’ve seen on the show.

Let’s take a look at Time Robo, one of my favorite DX Super Sentai mecha.

Components: TimeJet

TimeRobo components comprise five futuristic-looking jets called TimeJets. The main unified hues of TimeJets are black, gray, and silver, which go well together. TimeJet 1, piloted by Time Red, is a big aircraft with special features. The proper number and the jet’s red color are inscribed on its rudder. TimeJet 1 and the other TimeJets, unlike the television series, have wheels. TimeJet 2 and TimeJet 3, piloted by Time Blue and Time Green, respectively, have a similar appearance when combined with the other TimeJets. Their numbers and colors are cleverly masked when they are combined. When not in combined mode, the main distinctive feature of TimeJet 2 is the similar blue hue on its massive wings, as well as the number on its rudder. While the TimeJet 3’s corresponding number is likewise engraved on its rudder, the color identification on its smaller double-wing featured jet is engraved. The TimeJet 4 and TimeJet 5 are essentially identical. The hauls identify both jets: TimeJet 4 has a yellow haul with its corresponding number engraved on it, while TimeJet 5 has a pink haul.

DX TimeJet Gamma

The third combination form of this Timeranger’s primary mecha is the TimeJet Gamma, which in Power Rangers Time Force is more frequently referred to as the Time Force Megazord Jet Mode. A parallel can be drawn between the premise of TimeJet Gama and that of Choujin Sentai Jetman’s Icarus Haken. When functioning in this mode, hauls from TimeJet 4 and TimeJet 5 are required to be kept separate. Both the Time Jet 2 and the Time Jet 3 require its wings to be folded. The yellow and pink hauls of the toy version of the TimeJet Gamma may be connected together to create a wheeled platform for it, although the TimeJet Gamma featured in the television series does not have this function.

DX TimeRobo Beta

You can think of Time Robo’s Beta mode as a radically different robot body. Despite being the only Super Sentai main mecha to feature three modes, this change affected the DX Time Robo Beta’s design. Time Jet 1’s wing and the hauls from Time Jets 4 and 5 should be removed in this mode, as those jets serve as Time Robo’s feet. TimeJets 2 and 3 were the two limbs. The rudders hid the Time Robo’s arms and hands. As of the moment, I do not have possession to the Flyer Magnum, which Time Robo Beta uses for defense.

DX Time Robo Alpha

The Alpha mode is Time Robo’s primary mode. TimeJet 1 wing and Time Jet 4 and 5 hauls must be coupled this time to form the Chrono Shield. Except for TimeJet 1, the remaining TimeJets must be in opposite positions. This time, TimeJet 4 and 5 were the arms, and TimeJet 2 and 3 were the feet. Time Robo Alpha carries a Space Time Sword and a Chrono Shield.


Time Robo stands out from other Super Sentai mecha because, in any robot mode, it displays a color identity that is exclusive to it. While red is the dominant color in Alpha mode, blue is the major color in Beta mode. This naming convention is used in Power Rangers Time Force, where Time Robo Alpha and Time Robo Beta are referred to as Time Force Megazord Mode Red and Blue, respectively.

Everyone has the option of liking or disliking the DX Time Robo. Even if the design of the DX Time Robo Beta was compromised for the TimeRobo Alpha and TimeJet Gamma. I like how they modified it for the toy version, in my opinion. Furthermore, the television series version lacks the wheels found in the toy version. The hauls were also moved on a wheeled platform when TimeJet 4 and TimeJet 5 were modified into TimeJet Gamma. I normally give the Super Sentai mecha of the 2000s a thumbs up for their striking design and engineering, but some of their pieces are fragile.

DX Time Robo is a must-have since it is just awesome and has a plethora of modes to create.

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