Super Sentai

My DX Boonboomger Robo Is Finally Here!

I waited for the price to drop before purchasing my DX Boonboomger Robo from the 48th installment of Super Sentai series Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger (爆上戦隊ブンブンジャー).

Worth the wait.

Despite the fact that DonBrothers and King-Ohger’s articulation features have been removed from Boonboomger Robo, it’s surprisingly enjoyable to play. It still has a great deal of movement features, and the transformation is a blend of classic Sentai and 2010s Sentai. The primary component, the Boonboom Trailer, has a unique gimmick and transformation approach, and both the blue Boonboom Off-Road and the pink Boonboom Wagon turn into attack mode before attaching to the Boonboomger Robot.

One of the standout features of DX Boonboomger Robo is the ability to switch the face (included in this set) and instantly transform him into Bundorio Bunderas.

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