Check Out My Latest Item: DX Chogokin Senpuujin’s Sword Slasher

Following months of searching, I have at last acquired a Sword Slasher for my DX Chogokin Senpuujin. Luckily, it was complete because some Sword Slashers from other sellers had missing wings, so I bought it from one of my preferred Facebook sellers while it was still available. Just 300 Php, or $6, was all I paid for it. Below are my DX Chogokin Senpuujin video and pictures and images.

In addition to replacing some damaged components of my DX Chogokin Senpuujin, I’m hoping to purchase Hurricane Leon’s tail and Karakuri Ball 01 as soon as possible. Overall, DX Chogokin Senpuujin is a must item.

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The fact that Senpuujin’s Sword Slasher can be folded and stored on a Karakuri ball sets it apart from the other swords of the Super Sentai main mecha. It will extend upward to create the sword if it is in use. It features a unique shape that mimics a bird, complete with beaks, cartoonish eyes, and wings.

Sword Slasher is known as Storm Megazord’s Serpent Sword in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Condition Rate: 9/10

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