EXCLUSIVE: This Custom-Painted SMP Daizyujin/Dino Megazord Is Morphenomenal!

I finally received my custom-painted SMP Daizyujin this month, and it was morphenomenal. SMP Daizyujin or popularly known as the Dino Megazord in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 version is my eighth Shokugan Modelling Project (formerly Super Mini-Pla) collection.

I purchased my SMP Daizyujin from GC Toy Collectibles Facebook Page for PHP3,500.00 (USD63.00) and it was delivered by November 2022. Bandai re-released SMP Daizyujin, along with other Super Sentai SMP, in 2022. SMP Daizyujin was first released in 2017, and its price skyrocketed as the item became increasingly rare. The re-release of these lines allows fans and collectors to once again purchase SMP Daizyujin and other reissued SMP lines at a reasonable price.

Though I had no intention of painting my SMP Daizyujin, I was inspired to do so after seeing several videos of painted SMP Daizyujin on YouTube. Since it improves the appearance of SMP Daizyujin, I’m convinced to give it a shot. A custom paint job of a DX Gao Bear by Mr. Ced Sy of AniZhie caught my eye on the Sentai Market PH Facebook page, so I messaged him and asked if he was also doing paint jobs on Super Mini-pla as well. He proudly showed me his extensive collections of professionally painted Iron Man figures, and I decided to give it a try. The end result blew my mind.

AniZhie keeps me in the loop by sending regular progress updates and sharing finished SMP Daizyujin part’s photos and video.

The SMP Daizyujin’s custom-painted parts make it look more refined; please forgive my lack of knowledge if this isn’t the correct terminology. The chrome silver paintwork really makes the parts pop and gives SMP Daizyujin an upscale appearance and feel. Though diminutive in stature, even its tiniest components are rich in detail. The repainted pieces aid in bringing attention to the finer points, and the overall effect is a big improvement over the standard SMP vanilla version.

In comparison to the rest of my SMP collection, with the exception of my pre-owned and already built SMP GaoKing, which has minimal paint jobs and panel lining, the SMP Daizyujin stands out due to its more refined details.

Check out how morphenomenal the result is:

Daizyujin is compose of five mythical beasts called the Guardian Beasts or just simply Dinozords in Power Rangers.

Besides Daizyujin form, the Guardian Beasts have the ability to form into Dino Tanker or Tank mode. In this mode, Daizyujin was equipped with cannons and attacks using laser beams and the cannons.

And here’s the main course, SMP Daizyujin or the iconic Dino Megazord. Probably, the most iconic Megazord in both Super Sentai and the Power Rangers history. Daizyujin is equipped with Dinosaur Sword God Horn and Mammoth’s shield.

SMP Daizyujin is my first SMP collection that was mostly painted and I really love the result. I think one of the most unique features of this custom-painted SMP besides the chrome silver paint is the bolder black lining on its chest. It stands out from the rest of Daizyujin toylines.

SMP Muteki Shogun is my next SMP kit to be custom-painted by early 2023. I’m also planning to have my existing SMP collection custom-painted, especially the parts that need to be painted metallic or chrome silver in order to have a premium-feel and look.

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