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King-Ohger Exclusive Updates: Ranger’s Characteristics and Mecha

New information about Super Sentai’s 47th installment Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger has been shared online and emphasizes King-Ohger’s characteristics and additional information and images of King-Ohger’s main giant mecha The King Ohia!

King-Ohger’s plot started in a five-kingdom world called Chikyuu. For thousands of years, each leader of the five kingdoms has the oath to protect their land as Ohsama Sentai. In order to fullfil their mission, they need powers granted by Kings Weapon that have the ability to wield forms for each leader.

Before we go over with the additional details of King-Ohger’s main mecha, let’s talk about first our rangers’ personal traits:

  • KuwagaOhger is the avowed king packed with fighting spirit. His Kings Weapon form is a shield.
  • TonboOhger is extremely smart and extremely competitive. His Kings Weapon form os a gun.
  • KamikiriOhger is a selfish queen but will face danger to protect others. Her Kings Weapon form is a scythe.
  • PapillionOhger is normally calm-minded but unforgiving to badguys. His Kings Weapon form is a bow.
  • HachiOhger is a cheerful lord with unpredictable fighting styles. His Kings Weapon is a claw.

King-Ohgers aren’t alone in fighting against Earth Empire Bugnarok. Powerful mechanical insectoids and worshipped across Chikyuu called the Shugods aided them in fighting Bugnarok.

Here’s an interesting details about Shugods. Beside from the five Shugods that matches King-Ohger’s own power: God Kuwaga, God Tonbo, God Kamikiri, God Papillion and God Hatchi. There are five more Shugods: Twin God Tentou, Dual God Kumo and the lone God Ant needed to combined in order to create “The King Ohja”, the almighty main mecha of King-Ohger.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger will premiere o March 5 2023 replacing Avataro Sentai DonBrothers.

Source: Tokunation

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