DX King-Ohger Offers More Points of Articulation Than DX Don Onitaijin

DX King-Ohger Box

Super Sentai officially paved the way for a new era of a much more playable Deluxe toy line. Starting with DX Don Onitaijin, the DX King-Ohger based on the main mecha of the 47th Super Sentai series Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger will feature an incredible amount of points of articulation on a Deluxe mecha toy that will surely love by both kids and adult fans of the Super Sentai series.

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As stated in my previous post, King-Ohger main mecha consists of five ShuGods from the King-Ohger team: God Kuwagata, God Tonbo, God Kamikiri, God Papillion, and God Hachi, and additional five ShuGods throughout Chikyuus: twin God Spiders, dual God Ladybugs, and God Ant.

Additional five ShuGods: twin God Spiders, dual God Ladybugs, and God Ant.

Bandai Japan introduced Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger’s DX King-Ohger this week along with the eleventh ShuGod called the God Kabuto, which will serve as an extraordinary arsenal of King-Ohger.

Bandai Japan released a review, toy demo and additional information of Ohsama Sentai King-Ohgers’ DX King-Ohger and DX God Kabuto on their official YouTube channel.

Suggested retail price for the DX King-Ohger is 9,350 yen (PHP4,009.49 or USD73.41) and DX God Kabuto is 3,850 yen (PHP1,650.97 or USD30.23). You can get them as set for 13,200 yen (PHP5,601 or USD103). Both DX KingOh-Ger and DX God Kabuto are expected to be released in March 2023. DX King-Ohger will be released earlier on March 4, 2023.

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