In-Depth Review of DX Boonboomger Robo: A Fresh Take on Super Sentai Mecha

I’ve finally got my hands on the DX Boonboomger Robo, and here’s my review.

First, let’s talk about the packaging. I’ve observed that the boxes for DX Sentai robots have become thinner since Zenkaiger. And starting with the DX Kyoryujin Full Action version, they’ve stopped using molded cardboard inserts and switched to just using boxes for the items inside. To me, this type of packaging feels rather cheap for DX Sentai robots.

Alright, let’s move on to the main attraction, the DX Boonboomger Robo. It’s very accurate to the TV show and the quality is excellent. What initially seemed cheap turned out to be quite the opposite upon closer inspection. The only downside for me is the tires on the Boonboom Off-Road and Boonboom Wagon toys; they don’t look entirely cheap, but they should resemble the TV version more closely.

And now for the transformation.

The DX Boonboomger Robo features a lot of unique transformation sequences that haven’t been seen in previous Super Sentai toylines.

Let’s begin with the Boonboom Trailer. To access the Attack mode of the other Boonboom vehicles, you first need to transform the Boonboom Trailer into its Gate Mode. This involves raising the front part of the Trailer and spreading the remaining part until it resembles a wall.

This step differs slightly from the TV series because, in the toy version, the Boonboom vehicles need to be docked and the base part of the Boonboom Trailer must be pulled out to initiate Attack mode.

Next, lower the Boonboomger Robo’s hands slightly to make room to rotate the side panels of the Boonboom Trailer, which will become its feet. Then, fold the panels on the upper leg down to the lower leg to form the feet.

Slide the base of the Boonboom Trailer down to its lock-in position and transform the head. At the back, separate the remaining part of the Boonboom Trailer base.

Finally, attach both the Boonboom Off-Road and Boonboom Wagon Attack Mode to the hands of the Boonboomger Robo to complete the transformation sequence.

And there you have it! DX Boonboomger Robo is complete.

While it lacks the full-body articulation seen in the previous Donbrothers and King-Ohger toylines, it’s not as rigid as the typical DX Sentai mecha. It’s a blend of both worlds. Despite the change, the DX Boonboomger Robo still has a decent amount of articulation, in my opinion.

One of the standout features of the DX Boonboomger Robo is its ability to transform into Bundorio Bunderas by attaching a headpiece included in the DX Boonboomger set.

I have to say, I don’t regret buying the DX Boonboomger Robo at all. Some Sentai mechas can seem bland at first, but once you start playing with them, they turn out to be cool and incredibly fun. The Boonboomger Robo, in particular, stands out with its unique features compared to other Sentai mecha.

In my view, what truly distinguishes the DX Boonboomger Robo from other Sentai robots themed around cars is its distinctive feature known as the Gate mode of the Boonboom Trailer. This mode requires Boonboom vehicles to pass through it before activating their Attack mode.

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