Super Sentai

MyCollecToys October 2023 Collection Update

Here’s a little update of my classic Super Sentai mecha collection:

– DX Ohranger Robo (Zeo Megazord)

– DX Chogokin Live Robo

– DX Chogokin Senpuujin

– SMP Muteki Shogun (Shogun Megazord)

I finally received the repro parts for my DX OhRanger Robo (Power Rangers Zeo Megazord) and DX Chogokin Live Robo. It looks amazing and I love it. Repro/3D printed parts is the best option since its difficult to find original parts of some classic Super Sentai mechas.

Speaking of original parts, I found helmets for my DX OhRanger Robo and tail for my DX Chogokin Senpuujin, also known as Storm Megazord of Power Rangers Ninja Storm last month.

AND lastly, a few images of my second SMP Muteki Shogun. I have peg issues on my first kit and I don’t like some of the stickers. This one have less stickers on it and did some paint job on gold parts like the “Shachihoko” and shapes on the chest and symbols on the legs of the Giant Beast Generals (Shogunzords). I also added the Shachihoko from my previous kit so that Blue Logan and White Kark have both Shachihoko on there shoulders.

Hope you like my collections.

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