Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Introduces New Suits And First Female Red Ranger Leader

The wait is finally over! Power Rangers 30th Anniversary series Power Rangers Cosmic Fury suits for all rangers is finally revealed by the rangers themselves. The helmet is still based on Dino Fury suits but there’s tons of changes on the overall design. The Cosmic Fury suits and brand new weapons were designed by Sarah Voon and Tracey Collins respectively.

Source: Ping Pong Flix YouTube Channel

Cosmic Fury suits dons a slightly modified Dino Fury/Ryusoulger helmet and they wear a MMPR Green Ranger-like gold and silver chest armor. They also have brand new belt which have the symbol of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ thunder. Some rangers have their own unique additional design like cape for the Cosmic Fury Zenith Ranger and armored right hand for Cosmic Ranger Black Ranger.

Although the Dino Fury rangers will remain as Cosmic Fury rangers, there’s a big changes to the entire lineup. Dino Fury Red Ranger Zayto will be promoted as the Cosmic Fury Zenith Ranger and Dino Fury Pink Ranger Amelia will become Cosmic Fury Red Ranger. For the record, this is the first time that Power Rangers will have a full-time female red ranger to lead the team.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will focus on cosmic adventures of the team as they have to acquire new powers from space to fight Lord Zedd.

The 30th Anniversary series Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will have a total of ten episodes and will be streamed on Netflix in Fall 2023.

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