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Premium Bandai Reveals Upgraded DX Memorial Laser Raise Riser for Kamen Rider Geats

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Premium Bandai, a leading provider of high-quality collectibles, has recently unveiled the official images of the Premium DX Memorial Laser Raise Riser from the popular Kamen Rider Geats TV series. This upgraded version of the DX Laser Raise Riser closely mirrors the prop seen in the television series, enhancing the authenticity for fans and enthusiasts.

The set includes four Raise Riser Cards, meticulously crafted to represent the four supporters: Ziin, Kyuun, Beroba, and Kekera. Each card, when inserted into the Laser Raise Riser, triggers the unique transformation sound associated with the respective Support Rider, adding an immersive element to the user experience.

In addition to its faithful appearance, the Premium DX Memorial Laser Raise Riser offers updated transformation and finisher sound effects, setting it apart from the original DX version. Notably, the Black Raise Riser Cards unlock exclusive sound effects for Beroba and Kekera’s new forms. Fans who pre-ordered this item between July 3rd and July 5th had the exclusive opportunity to obtain these highly sought-after cards. By utilizing the Black Raise Riser Card (Beroba) or the Black Raise Riser Card (Kekera) in conjunction with the Memorial Laser Raise Riser, fans can transform into Premium Beroba or Premium Kekera, respectively.

Furthermore, the Premium DX Memorial Laser Raise Riser boasts a Dialogue Mode, offering users two different modes to enjoy. One of these modes includes the beloved characters from the Kamen Rider Geats series uttering various lines, notably their iconic “Henshin!” catchphrase.” This feature adds an interactive element and further immerses fans in the world of Kamen Rider Geats.

Priced at 5,500 yen or 38.05 USD, the Premium DX Memorial Laser Raise Riser is exclusively available on the Premium Bandai web store. Set for release in December, fans and collectors alike can anticipate the arrival of this remarkable item. It is essential to note that pre-orders for this highly sought-after collectible will conclude on September 1st. Act swiftly to secure your order and avoid missing out on the opportunity to own this premium Kamen Rider Geats memorabilia.

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