What Do Fans Think Of DX Don Robotaro Movable Enhanced Version And Shutsujin Option Set?

DX Don Robotaro Movable Enhanced Version And Shutsujin Option Set has already been released, and reviews are starting to show up on social media and YouTube. Here are some reviews from YouTube channels I’ve subscribed for. I don’t have the DX Don Robotaro Movable Enhanced Version And Shutsujin Option Set yet, so I just wanted to share these reviews from some of my favorite YouTubers.

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DX Don Onitaijin and the entire DX Donbrothers mecha toy series garnered rave reviews from Super Sentai, Power Rangers, and toy collectors alike last year because it was the first time in four decades to have a fully articulated DX Super Sentai mecha and, currently, the largest DX Super Sentai main mecha. Despite the improvement over earlier editions of DX Super Sentai Mecha, fans are disappointed in another aspect of DX Don Onitaijin. The absence of articulation on the individual mode despite its sheer size and skirt section, which fans hoped would allow them to replicate Don Onitaijin’s seating position on the toy version.

Thankfully, Bandai Namco produced an upgraded version of DX Don Robotaro. They also contained additional attachments, such as a pair of open hands that can be quickly switched out for DX Don Onitaijin’s standard hands. Imagine an SMP model kit in a higher scale. They also supplied a stool, a backdrop, and a military fan. A suitable arrangement for displaying your DX Don Onitaijin in a seated position, much like in the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers television series.

The movable skirt, which gives DX Don Onitaijin a greater range of posing positions and allows you to make him sit, is the key feature of DX Don Robotaro Movable Enhanced Version.

Other than the movable skirt component, a few other changes have also been made to the improved version of DX Don Robotaro. Compared to the original design, the breast plates are tighter. In order to distinguish from the earlier edition, they also change the color of the clippings from gray to white. The two clips on the rear skirt are also taken out, but one clip is present on the bottom area to hold it in place when he is seated on the stool.

Overall, DX Don Robotaro Movable Enhanced Version And Shutsujin Option Set improves the aesthetic appeal of DX Don Onitaijin. It’s an excellent set for collectors to exhibit him in a sitting position.

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