Super Sentai

Recent Accessories For My DX Super Sentai/Power Rangers Mecha

I started collecting some missing accessories for my current DX Super Sentai mecha this month. For most Super Sentai and Power Rangers toy hunters, especially those who opt for pre-owned toys, some accessories, weapons, and smaller parts are missing. And looking for spare parts of it is rather hard to find sometimes and much pricier because of rarity.

With a little bit of luck and patience I still manage to find some great deals for a lower price like the DX Victory Robo sword. I manage to snag one for just PHP 200 (USD 3.67) compared to the usual PHP 500 (9.18) to PHP 1,000 (USD 18.36) price range of the sword. Sweet!

Here are some of my recently purchased weapons and accessories for my current Super Sentai mecha collections:

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