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DX DaiBouken of Boukenger

I recently uploaded eleven new videos on my YouTube channel. The difference is, they are all on portrait mode, just raw, unedited and no added text and music whatsoever compare to my previous posts. Why? Maybe I’m just too lazy to edit them and add text and insert images. Haha. . . Just kidding. I just want to try it this way in the simplest way. I still have other videos waiting to edit just like my previous review/demo videos and I will upload them anytime.

First off is DX ZyuOhKing. I actually love Zyuohger’s DX mecha line. They might be not as appealing in toy version like other DX Super Sentai lines but they are unique because of its cube forms and its cool that you can perform a lot of combinations from other cubes.

Second is DX Kiramaizin, this mecha is really too kawaii, I love it. One of the smallest DX mecha in Super Sentai but it has k!ller aesthetic look that everyone will surely love too.

Third is a classic one, DX Chogokin Five Robo of Fiveman. It’s hard to find its accessories.

Fourth is the only Super Minipla as of the moment, the Bio Robo SMP, based on the classic Super Sentai series Bioman. This particular kit will surely love by 90s kids, specially the Batang 90s of the Philippines.

Fifth one is from Boukenger’s DX Daibouken, also known as DriveMax Megazord in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. This little mecha is quite articulated before it became a trend in Super Sentai with DX Don Onitaijijn and DX King-Ohger.

Sixth is one of my favorite classic mecha, DX Chogokin Live Robo. Too bad, accessories for this particular set is really hard to find and expensive.

Seventh is from Go-Onger or Power Rangers RPM. DX Engine-O/High Octane Megazord. This one have electronics but I haven’t tested yet.

Eighth is from the 90s, DX RV Robo (Turbo Megazord) from Carranger (Power Rangers Turbo). This is my most viewed videos since I started uploading similar unedited DX Super Sentai mecha videos. It has missing parts.

Ninth is DX Chogokin GaoKing of Gaoranger or known as Wild Force Megazord in Power Rangers Wild Force. This is one of my favorite too. When I upload it’s first demo/review way back in January 2023, it has no base plate yet.

Unedited version. With base plate
DX Chogokin GaoKing First DEMO/Review video.

Tenth is DX Chogokin Victory Robo aka Lightspeed Megazord of GoGoFive/ Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Glad to find its sword last month but I don’t have its water cannons yet. The short version is the most watch on my YouTube channel as of the moment.

The last but definitely not the least is DX CB-01 or the Racer Zord of Go-Buster (Power Rangers Beast Morphers). This is the only video featuring an individual zord. It’s the second most watch videos as of the moment.

Raw Version
First version

I will stop uploading unedited videos for the meantime cause I’m waiting for my custom logo to finish and include it on my future videos. Hope you like it. You can visit my YouTube channel for more videos. :

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