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Hasbro Introduces Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Morpher Merchandise

The Cosmic Fury toy line has yet to have its price or release date announced.

Hasbro recently unveiled the first merchandise for the upcoming 30th season “Power Rangers Cosmic Fury”, which will consist of ten episodes and will premiere on Netflix in the fall of 2023 as the third season of the Power Rangers Dino Fury arc.

The item was called a “Cosmic Morpher,” and it was said that it grants its owner access to the same cosmic abilities as the original Dino Fury Ranger squad. Light and sound effects from the six Dino Fury Rangers are included in the Cosmic Morpher.

According to Ranger Wiki, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will include the return of the current cast of Power Rangers Dino Fury for a third season as the beloved Power Rangers for the first time since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired in 1993. In Power Rangers Dino Fury, an alien invasion forces Earth to defend itself against a horde of monstrous aliens. In order to combat this danger, the Power Rangers team has been assembled and given access to the dinosaurs’ ancient energy. In Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, the action moves into outer space.

Source: Tokunation, RangerWiki

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