Step into the Shoes of Ultraman Blazar with Gento Hiruma’s Guide in the Latest Bandai Mania DEMO Video!

Bandai Japan has just released an exciting new video that fans of Ultraman Blazar won’t want to miss. In the latest Bandai Mania demo video, SKaRD captain Gento Hiruma, portrayed by Tomoya Warabino, takes center stage as he guides viewers through the transformation process into Ultraman Blazar. Join us as we delve into the details of the Blazar Brace, the key item that allows fans to step into the shoes of this iconic hero.


The DX Blazar Brace is the essential tool for transforming into the mighty Ultraman Blazar. The transformation process begins with the insertion of the Blazar Stone into the designated slot on the Blazar Brace. This action triggers the crystal cover to open, accompanied by the activation of the standby sound and the rotation of the seven LED motors. With anticipation building, pressing the button at the tip of the Blazar Brace completes the transformation, granting the user the power of Ultraman Blazar! Once transformed, the button can be pressed to unleash a range of shouts and finisher moves specific to Ultraman Blazar. Additionally, the Blazar Brace allows users to experience dialogue from Gento Hiruma, Ultraman Blazar’s human host, as portrayed by Tomoya Warabino. Even without a Stone inserted, pressing the button will trigger seven unique dialogues, adding to the interactive experience.

In addition to the main Blazar Stone, the set includes the Z Stone (Original). When inserted into the Blazar Brace, it activates a corresponding LED light pattern and transformation sounds related to Ultraman Z. Once transformed, pressing the button on the Brace will initiate Ultraman Z’s distinctive shouts and finisher moves. Furthermore, the main body of the Blazar Brace features built-in dialogues from approximately 20 characters, predominantly from the New Generation Ultraman series. Like the Z Stone, inserting different Blazar Stones unlocks transformation sounds and special moves associated with each character. This exciting feature encourages fans to collect and use additional Blazar Stones to unlock a wide array of sounds and expand their Ultraman experience.

The highly anticipated DX Blazar Brace is scheduled for release on July 8th, with a price tag of 7,920 yen (54.77 USD). Fans of Ultraman Blazar and enthusiasts of the Ultraman franchise can look forward to obtaining this impressive item and immersing themselves in the thrilling world of transformation and heroic battles.

Bandai Japan’s latest video showcasing Gento Hiruma’s tutorial on transforming into Ultraman Blazar using the Blazar Brace has generated immense excitement among Ultraman fans. The interactive features of the DX Blazar Brace, from the unique transformation process to the array of shouts and finisher moves, offer an immersive experience for fans of all ages. With the option to insert different Blazar Stones and unlock additional sounds and abilities, the Blazar Brace promises endless fun and collectibility. Get ready to unleash the power of Ultraman Blazar and embark on thrilling adventures in the Ultraman universe when this highly anticipated item releases on July 8th.

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