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Check Out The DX Tarantula Knight Review By BANDAI Mania

Reviews are up on the recent Ohsama Sentai King-ohger DX mecha line, DX Tarantula Knight, based on the main mecha of  Spider Kumonos.

BANDAI‘s Official YouTube channel just launched a review of DX Tarantula Knight from an episode of BANDAI Mania featuring Mani-chan and Rikkun.


Articulations on Super Sentai DX mecha are, I assume, out of the question at this stage, as they have become the norm on recent Super Sentai Deluxe lines. In my opinion, DX Tarantula Knight has a nice design and doesn’t look too cheap, which is a plus in my book.


DX Tarantula Knights includes the DX God Semi and DX God Mukade as supplemental weapons. God Semi, Tarantula’s mechanical cicada, may be converted into a bladed weapon. In addition, there’s God Mukade, a centipede-shaped mech that transforms into a chainsaw. At the present, you can purchase them separately.

Release dates for the DX God Tarantula, DX God Semi, and DX God Mukade are all set for the second quarter of 2023.

Source: BANDAI Official YouTube Channel

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