Voltes V: Legacy

Voltes V: Legacy – A Nostalgic Tribute with a Modern Twist

Rating: ★★★☆☆



The long-awaited live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese mecha anime series Voltes V: Legacy has arrived, and it is already winning over fans with its nostalgic charm and unique take on the classic plot. Fantastic actors and skilled directors bring the show is rich history to life while also adding new elements that will appeal to viewers acquainted and unfamiliar with the Voltes V universe.

Plot and Storytelling:

Voltes V: Legacy does a great job of recreating the same riveting story that made the original series so beloved. The story follows the Armstrong (Yamato) siblings as they learn about their special history and train to pilot the powerful super robot Voltes V in a bleak future where Earth is ruled by the totalitarian Boazanian Empire. The series stays true to the Voltes V saga’s primary themes of brotherhood, sacrifice, and the fight for justice.

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Voltes V: Legacy’s tale manages to do justice to the original while also adding some interesting new turns. Many of the major plot points remain the same, but the writers add twists and character arcs that keep the audience guessing. The pacing is generally strong, with a good balance between intense action scenes and more reflective ones that focus on the characters.

However, one common criticism directed towards “Voltes V Legacy” is some viewers feel that the series fails to maintain a consistently engaging momentum, with episodes that seem to drag on without significant plot advancement. This sluggish pacing can hinder the overall excitement and impact of the story, potentially leading to viewer disengagement.

Character Development:

Voltes V: Legacy stands out for its dedication to character growth. Voltes V: Legacy characters’ unique personalities, challenges, and eventual maturation as they come to terms with their destinies are all given enough screen time throughout the series. Each persona gets substantial screen time and has a distinct individual arc, which makes their individual stories more engaging and impactful.

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Voltes V: Legacy characters were played by likable actors who each brought something special to the roles. Their on-screen chemistry is electric, and their interactions are natural, creating a warm and fuzzy feeling of friendship and family. The supporting cast, meanwhile, enriches the story and the viewing experience as a whole with their excellent acting.

Visual Design and Production Effects:

Voltes V: Legacy’s visual effects and production design are top-notch. In particular, the mecha combat are a visual feast that skillfully blends practical effects with CGI. Fans of the original series will appreciate the care taken in animating the robot and integrating its different forms. The mecha’s overall design keeps true to the original Voltes V while updating it with contemporary touches.

Both the Boazanian Empire and the dystopian Earth are incredibly well-designed in terms of production. The contrast between the Boazanian world and Earth, with its squalor and oppression, is stark. The series successfully portrays the worlds’ contrasting qualities, heightening the story’s sense of peril and urgency.

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Music and Sound Design:

Fans of the original Voltes V will like the updated version of the theme tune in the sequel, Voltes V: Legacy. The music throughout the series is expertly arranged, adding to the dramatic weight of pivotal moments. The sound design pulls you into the action, especially during the mecha battles where the crashing of swords, the rumbling of explosions, and the powering up of the robots all reverberate with ferocity and passion.

Fan Service and Easter Eggs:

Fan service and Easter eggs that reference the previous series are expertly woven into Voltes V: Legacy. The series provides a sense of familiarity and nostalgia to longstanding fans through references to popular catchphrases and tastefully placed visual tributes. These historical references are subtle enough to please longtime fans without distracting novices from the story’s central themes or characters.


The spirit of the classic anime is beautifully recreated in Voltes V: Legacy, giving longtime fans a trip down memory lane and providing a compelling adventure for newcomers. The show is brilliance is in the precision with which it tells its story, the depth with which it explores its characters, the quality of its visual effects, and the care with which it crafts its set and props. There are some minor problems, such as uneven pacing, but they do not take away from the overall experience.
This live-action version of Voltes V is an affectionate homage to the original series that does the source material justice. Voltes V: Legacy gives newbies a chance to experience a spectacular mecha narrative full of interesting characters and massive battles. If you are looking for a novel take on the big robot genre and the transformative power of friendship, go no further than Voltes V: Legacy.

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Voltes V: Legacy is available for viewing on GMA Network’s YouTube Channel.

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