10 Awesome Power Rangers DX Megazord Toys That Will Get You Excited (Author’s Choice)

Both the Japanese Super Sentai and the American version Power Rangers have established themselves as perennial favorites for legions of viewers around the globe. For some, collecting Super Sentai and Power Rangers toys is a passion.

In 2021, with Ressha Sentai ToQGer’s DX ToQ Oh, I embarked on a collection of Mecha/Megazord toys. The classics DX Chogokin Live Robo from the 1988 Super Sentai series Choujuu Sentai Liveman and Turbo Robo from the 1989 Kousoku Sentai Turboranger Super Sentai, which are sometimes more expensive than the subsequent Super Sentai toylines regarding the condition of the toys, are among the good pre-owned items I already acquire.

DX Chogokins Great Five, Bio Robo, and DX Dairen-oh are three figures I’d like to add to my collection eventually but can’t afford to do so at the moment.

My Top 10 Favorite Super Sentai DX Main Mecha

I have compiled a list of my top ten favorite main mecha from Super Sentai and Power Rangers that I own at the moment, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am also going to include on a separate list my 10 favorite Super Sentai DX mecha that I desired but have not yet purchased.

10. DX Chogokin Turbo Robo

Okay, let’s start with my Top 10 on the list of my favorite Super Sentai main Megazord/Mecha toy with DX Chogokin Turbo Robo; it’s based on a pre-Power Rangers era 1989 Kousoku Sentai Turboranger. Since I grew up watching Turboranger when they aired in the Philippines in the nineties, I am vividly familiar with Turbo Robo, and I have wanted to buy a toy version of it ever since. When I started collecting Super Sentai mecha toys in 2021, DX Chogokin Turbo Robo was one of my priorities cause its not as expensive as other classic Super Sentai mecha toys like DX Chogokin Great Five of Hikari Sentai Maskman and DX Chogokin Bio Robo of Choudenshi Bioman. What I like about DX Chogokin Turbo Robo is how premium his looks are. In my opinion, his design is not over-the-top, and the overall composition looks fantastic. 

After purchasing my DX Chogokin Turbo Robo, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time combining him and disassembling him, and I’ve come to appreciate and dislike various aspects of his design. When it comes to the fun factor, however, my favorite part is his combination sequence, which I enjoy because combining them into his giant robot mode is entertaining; its pacing is on the creative side, rather than merely piling and connecting them to other components. No longer common on Super Sentai DX toys. I find it offensive that his upper body is bulky because of a large chunk of metal parts, and that his plastic lower legs look frail and might break at any time. Plastics, die-cast metals, chrome paint, and sticker components make up the bulk of most classic Super Sentai DX toylines. When compared to later Super Sentai DX toys, they are extremely fragile. Play with caution because the chrome silver paint chips and peels and the paint chips and stains easily when exposed to liquid.


09. DX Boukenger

The coolness of his combination sequence in the television version is one of the reasons why I purchased DX DaiBouken (DriveMax Megazord) from the 2006 Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger aka Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. It uses the old yet eye-catching, practical effects in combination with its giant robot mode. Although I don’t think much of his toy version, the attention to detail that went into making it is what makes it appealing. I love how elaborate the details they put on this Megazord are; There are many movable elements adjacent to DX Don Onitaijin, which is another reason to adore this mecha toy.

In my opinion, the only side comment I will drop for DX DaiBouken is how prone to lose the claws of GoGo Marine were. DX DaiBouken is one of the few DX mecha toy that I created a DEMO video of it. Check out and hope you like it.


08. DX Chogokin Senpuujin

This chunky-looking DX Chogokin Senpuujin/Storm Megazord from the 2002 Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger, also known in the west as Power Rangers Ninja Storm, looks weird but looks attractive at the same time. I really love how they made up this mecha. I love the randomness of its design, especially the round compartments on its chest, the weird placement of the lion head, and the design and placement of the dolphin. I only wish the plastic materials were much more sturdy cause a lot of parts, like the clippings, are prone to breakage.

In my opinion, DX Hurricane Dolphin has a big issue on his underneath clips cause they were too brittle, and mine broke already. The adhesive didn’t help at all, and it broke the second time. Just be careful when attaching them to other components and the surfboard pads.


07. DX CHOGOKIN Victory Robo

The same thing scenario with my DX DaiBouken. I have no clue what it is about this 1999 Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive’s (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) DX Victory Robo aka Lightspeed Megazord that makes me adore it to the point where I ended up repurchasing another. It’s possible that I became overly attached to my liking of his combination sequence on the television version; nevertheless, recreating it in the toy version is genuinely amusing. It possesses a one-of-a-kind combination sequence that is unavailable on any other mecha currently in the series. The drawback is that the Red Ladder parts of Victory Robo are extremely fragile, which is the only disadvantage of this robot.


06. DX Abarenoh

This caught me off guard because, to begin with, I had not been a fan of this mecha. Nevertheless, when I first started investing in DX mecha from the 2000s era, I found a great deal on an unfinished 2003 Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger’s (Power Rangers Dino Thunder) DX Abarenoh aka Thundersaurus Megazord and bought it for a budget-friendly price. To put it simply, I think he looks absolutely spectacular, and I’m in awe of the intricate designs that were put into this mecha. In comparison to Bakuryu Tyrannosaurus’s other Dino counterparts in the Super Sentai/Power Rangers series, the design of this character appears to have a great deal of expressiveness, which earns it a strong recommendation in my narrative. I spent so much time with it that it eventually became one of my most treasured mecha toys. Because it is composed of a number of movable parts, some of which are not robust enough, transforming it back and forth requires some caution on the user’s part. This month, I finished my DX AbarenOh, but unfortunately, his right leg broke during the process.


05. DX Chogokin GaoKing

DX Chogokin GaoKing (Wild Force Megazord) and Gaoranger robotic animals, in general, bear the most similarity to actual animals. Despite their mechanical animal physical attributes, Gaoranger mechas manage to incorporate them into a combined robot, which is rather impressive. Because GaoKing has metal components, some of his parts give him a gratifying heaviness, giving me a premium feel. Combining them into its robot mode, I think, is innovative but entertaining rather than confusing. The only thing I’ll say about his face is how neutral it was. I wish they had made him more dynamic like his S.M.P. counterpart. Overall, I like this mecha.

DX Chogokin GaoKing is based on the primary mecha from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, which was released in 2001. After a year, its counterpart, Power Rangers Wild Force, was released.


04. DX Chogokin Five Robo

The DX Chogokin Five Robo is now in fourth place on my favorites list. Since I spent my childhood watching the 1990 Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, that particular one was a Super Sentai classic that I will never forget. Even though it’s not very big compared to other Super Sentai mecha, its metal makes it a significant amount of weight. Although there are only three components to Five Robo (DX Sky Alpha, DX Carrier Beta, and DX Land Gamma), each of the Rangers’ symbols has a specific location on the robot’s body. Other accouterments, such as his sword, cannons, and footpads, are missing from the item that I have. It has a somewhat unique pattern for the transformation, and I enjoy playing it quite often. In terms of design, it appears to be a straightforward robot; however, it exudes a very relaxed vibe.

Check out my DEMO video of DX Chogokin Five Robo. As of the moment, I don’t have its weapons and accessories.


03. DX Time Robo

I appreciate the cleverness of the design and the forward-thinking aesthetic of this DX Super Sentai toy, based on the 2000 Super Sentai series Mirai Sentai Timeranger aka Power Rangers Time Force, which can transform into two different robot modes (named Time Robo Alpha and Time Robo Beta) and a jet (called TimeJet Gamma). In contrast, TimeJets 2 and 3’s bright colors on their wings were effectively concealed when they were in robot modes, TimeJets 1, 4, and 5’s rear wings and hauls transformed into a shield. There is no longer any visual confusion between the many modes they designed, thanks to this. Not only that, but the Time Robo’s two robot modes are always identifiable by their prime colors. Time Robo Alpha’s primary color is red; hence in the Power Rangers Time Force adaptation, its Megazord mode is called Time Force Megazord Mode Red, whereas Time Robo Beta’s is called Time Force Megazord Mode Blue.


02. DX MagiKing

Compared to the previous Super Sentai DX mecha toys, the DX MagiKing, aka Titan Megazord, is on par in complexity, articulations, and inventiveness, making it deserving of the king moniker. Although I didn’t find his design very compelling, he was very playable and had a good number of movable parts despite his complex sequences and mode, making him my second favorite. Each component seems so well made that MagiKIng might fool you into thinking this isn’t a combiner robot. The DX MagiPhoenix, the DX MagiGaruda, and the DX MagiTaurus all feature a fair amount of adjustable and moving parts. In contrast, his robot version sacrificed the DX MagiMermaid and DX MagiFairy for their articulations. A fantastic aspect of the DX MagiKing is that four parts can morph into a MagiDragon, with MagiPhoenix taking on the role of a dragon rider.

The massive primary mecha model, DX MagiKing from Mahou Sentai Magiranger, debuted in 2005. Also known as Power Rangers: Mystic Force.


01. DX Dekaranger Robo

My all-time favorite is the DX Dekaranger Robo (Delta Squad Megazord), which debuted in the Super Sentai series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger in 2004, also known as Power Rangers S.P.D. If I had to choose only one, I would have to go with this one. The appearance of Dekaranger Robo is stunning in every factor, from his head to his toes, from his left to his right, and from his back to his front. An excellent illustration of how symmetrical and Dekaranger Robo may harmoniously integrate asymmetrical design elements into one another. When assembled into a robot, the individual DekaMachines; may be easily identified by their unique appearance and functionality while retaining a consistent aesthetic. Another thing about Dekaranger Robo that I like is that each of his weaponry has its own container. DX Dekaranger Robo can define the combo sequence of the DX Dekaranger Robo as falling somewhere between simplicity and intricacy. It includes electronics that can light up depending on usage and comes with multiple siren sounds.

While DX Dekaranger Robo and Delta Squad Megazord toys are molded the same, the Japanese version has additional details.


And here you have it. Hope you like my 10 personal favorites DX Super Sentai main Mecha toys. What’s your personal favorite? Still a lot to collect and my list might change after I collect other main DX Mecha of Super Sentai and the Power Rangers.

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