Check Out My DX DaiBouken (Drive Max Megazord)

“Rumbling Fusion! DaiBouken!”

I finally found all of the DX DaiBouken (Drive Max Megazord) pieces and weapons I needed after what felt like an eon of searching. The GoGo Sentai Boukenger, or Power Rangers Operation Overdrive in the United States, use this as their primary Mecha/Megazord. Weapons and other accessories are notoriously difficult to source and are often the most expensive parts to purchase.

Gotta Love Those Details

My favorite thing about the DX DaiBouken is how intricate and unparalleled this Mecha is, right down to the tiniest component. Something that isn’t available any more in the most up-to-date Super Sentai Mechas. This badass also shockingly features an extensive number of articulations, which is something you can’t find in the majority of the Super Sentai I toys, with the exception of the most recently released, DX Onitaijin.

GoGo Vehicles

The five vehicles/zords that make up DX DaiBouken are collectively referred to as the GoGo Vehicles. The five vehicles that appeared in the Boukenger television series were the GoGo Dump, which was driven by Bouken Red, the GoGo Formula, which was driven by Bouken Black, the two-part vehicle GoGo Gyro (Met Lander and Gyro Plane), which was piloted by Bouken Blue, the GoGo Dozer, which was driven by Bouken Yellow, and the GoGo Marine/Diver, which was driven by Bouken Pink.

GoGo Dump is the most important component and the core of the DaiBouken Mecha as a whole. GoGo Formula forms the entirety of the Mecha’s chest, while GoGo Gyro’s Met Lander component forms the helmet and the Gyro Plane just attaches to the back. Both GoGo Dozer and GoGo Marine contribute to the completion of Daibouken by functioning as its hands. Combining in sequence is not as complex as you may assume.

Combining Sequence

The combination sequence begins with both GoGo Dozer and GoGo Marine. To unveil, simply revolve the cannon at the top, unfold GoGo Dozer’s torso, and flip its arm. Simply rotate the claws up and pull down the back end of GoGo Marine to reveal its arm. Both formed vehicles must be joined to the front wheels of the GoGo Dozer to form its hands. The cargo box on GoGo Dump must be rotated 180 degrees before spreading out to form the feet and reveal the knee pads underneath the dump body. The front section should be flipped down and pushed down to reveal the head. For GoGo Formula, push down the front wheels to reveal what appears to be an exhaust pipe, then flip over the front to reveal what appears to be its engine. The final section is GoGo Gyro, which divides into Met Lander and Gyro Plane. Rotate the Met Lander’s cannons up and connect them to the head section, and the Met Lander will serve as Daibouken’s helmet. And for the Gyro Plane, simply fold up the rotor wings and attach the vehicle to the back of Daibouken. And there you have it, GoGo Gattai DaiBouken is finished!


The Go Picker and the Go Scooper are the two primary weapons that Daibouken are equipped with. These weapons can be put together to form the GoGo Sword. Both weapons are able to be attached to the sides of the GoGo Dump in the toy version.

GoGo Trailer

The fact that the Daibouken can also transform into the GoGo Trailer vehicle mode is another one of its many impressive attributes. In this mode, the GoGo Gyro and the GoGo Formula are joined to one another to form a truck, while the GoGo Dump serves as a trailer, transporting both the GoGo Marine and the GoGo Dozer. On the other hand, GoGo Trailer was only used in the pilot episode.


And that sums it up. Incorporating all of those extra touches into DX DaiBouken makes it appear totally awesome. As an added bonus, the increased number of movable pieces allows for a wider variety of poses.

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