HAULY TIME: Goodbye to My Toothless DX Gao Lion

I have apparently found a replacement for my toothless DX Gao Lion of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, also known as Power Rangers Wild Force. Aside from it lacking an upper tooth, its feet were looser, and its tail was glued for unknown reasons. I don’t intend to buy right now because I’m more concerned about missing parts and replacements for seriously broken Super Sentai DX parts, like as my DX Gao Shark. It also has no effect on the overall appearance of its combined robot mode. But I’m still going to acquire it because, other from not having any broken teeth, its condition is far superior to that of my present DX Gao Lion.

As soon as the payment was processed, the item was dispatched and delivered the following day. As I expected, the DX Gao Lion would have some cosmetic flaws due to its age and previous use. I don’t mind used items so long as there aren’t any big defects.

This DX Gao Lion is undeniably a significant upgrade from the DX Gao Lion that I already own. The joints are more tightly packed, and there are no flaws between those shining whole teeth. In an effort to reduce the number of unnecessary goods that are duplicated, I intend to resell the toothless one at a significantly reduced price alongside any more Super Sentai parts that I have previously purchased.

Since I have already found a possible vendor, after I have received the replacement for DX Gao Shark I intend to write a review of the DX Chogokin GaoKing figure. Thanks in advance for keeping up with that topic.

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