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Power Rangers Franchise Bids Farewell to New Zealand After Two Decades of Production

After a successful run spanning two decades, the Power Rangers series is set to conclude production in New Zealand, marking the end of an era. This decision comes as Hasbro, the company behind the franchise, aims to re-imagine the brand and revitalize its entertainment content to ensure its continued relevance in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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According to a report by 1News, Hasbro has chosen to cease manufacturing in New Zealand, although no official comment has been provided by the company regarding this decision. The move is seen as part of Hasbro’s strategic efforts to reshape the Power Rangers franchise and explore new avenues for bringing its exciting content to consumers.

The journey of Power Rangers in New Zealand began in 2002 with the debut of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Over the years, the series has not only entertained millions of fans but also made a significant impact on the local economy, contributing over $340 million. Furthermore, it has served as a platform for local artists and workers, providing them with invaluable opportunities to showcase their talents and contribute to a beloved global franchise.

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One speculated reason for the relocation is New Zealand’s attractive film tax rebate, which offers a substantial benefit of twenty percent, with an additional five percent for eligible productions. This advantageous incentive has likely contributed to the country’s appeal for international productions, making it a hub for the film and television industry.

As the final season produced in New Zealand, Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, prepares to make its debut on Netflix this fall, fans can look forward to the culmination of this chapter in the Power Rangers saga. While bidding farewell to New Zealand, the series will continue to captivate audiences with its thrilling adventures and inspire a new generation of fans.

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Hasbro’s commitment to re-imagining the Power Rangers brand demonstrates their dedication to evolving with the times and ensuring that the franchise remains a vibrant force in the realm of entertainment. With a legacy spanning three decades, the Power Rangers have become cultural icons, symbolizing the power of teamwork, diversity, and heroism.

As fans eagerly anticipate the future of Power Rangers, they can be assured that the spirit of these mighty heroes will live on, transcending geographical boundaries and continuing to inspire fans around the world. The conclusion of production in New Zealand marks the end of an era, but it also signals a new beginning for the Power Rangers as they embark on their next thrilling chapter, reinvigorated and ready to conquer new horizons.

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