HAULY TIME: DX Gao Shark Replacement

My DX Chogokin GaoKing is finally finished being assembled. I have been looking for a replacement piece for my broken DX Gao Shark part for quite some time. It has scuffs and, on occasion, rusted screws, as is to be expected with a used item; nevertheless, this is not a serious issue as long as there are no significant components that are broken.

Stay tuned for a blog post that I will very soon write about the DX Chogokin GaoKing. In relation to this particular set, I also replaced DX Gao Lion. Despite the fact that there isn’t a major problem, I have my concerns because its other upper teeth are gone. In addition, I am searching for DX Gao Bison stickers because it is deficient in that regard.

Condition Rate: 8/10

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