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HAULY TIME: Pre-Loved Mirai Sentai Timeranger’s DX Time Robo (Power Rangers Time Force) Shield Item Review

Here on Hauly Time, I’ll be publishing my most recent purchases of used Super Sentai and Power Rangers Mecha/Megazord components, accessories, and other stuff and discussing their current condition.

Through Facebook, many people can stay in touch with loved ones and spread the word about great events as they happen. Just like Facebook’s Marketplace, other social media are transforming from a simple social media platform into a nirvana for online vendors and purchasers of services, digital products, physical products, and more.

In addition, I find that a lot of the pre-loved goods I am interested in are offered at a reasonable price on Facebook’s Marketplace. Market groups on Facebook centered on popular culture properties like Super Sentai and Power Rangers have also become commonplace.

Let’s kick off the Hauly Time review section with the Time Robo shield from the Japanese version of Power Rangers Time Force, which is also known as Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Keep in mind that the focus of the Hauly Time review is not on the final products, but rather on the products in their current condition.

Particularly common in older Deluxe toys is the presence of wear and tear in the form of scratches, stains, rust, discolouration, peel off stickers, and broken clips. And as was to be expected, there are stains, scratches, and a broken clip, all of which are issues that are prevalent with the Time Robo (Time Force Megazord) shield. The shield is made out of the hulls of Time Robo’s Time Jet 4 (Time Flyer 4) and Time Jet 5 (Time Flyer 5), as well as the wing of Time Jet 1 (Time Flyer 1). When the Time Robo toy transformed into the Time Jet Gamma mode (Time Force Megazord Jet Mode), Time Jet 4 and 5 transformed into a wheeled platform.

Complete set of Time Robo’s Time Jets vehicles

Condition Rate: 7/10

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