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MyCollecToys May and June 2023 Super Sentai Toy Collection Updates

It’s time for an exciting update on our Super Sentai mecha toy collection, featuring some fantastic new additions. Let’s dive right in!

Starting off, we have the DX Shinkenoh support from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. While the back support accessory may not offer much in terms of functionality, I decided to include it in my DX ShinkenOh collection for added support. This was my first purchase from Cheap cheap TOYS, and I must say, they pleasantly surprised me by including a free Magi Green Vinyl. A big thank you to Cheap cheap TOYS! On another occasion, I also acquired the smaller Hyper/ToQ Ressha to complete my DX Hyper Ressha TeiOh. The larger Hyper Ressha actually marked the beginning of my Super Sentai collection two years ago, along with other components like the DX ToQOh and DX Diesel-Oh mecha from the ToQGer DX mecha line.

Moving on to Doubustu Sentai Zyuohger, I managed to secure the missing parts for my DX Wild Tousai King: Cube 7 Crocodile and Cube 8 Wolf. Unfortunately, the shipment for the largest component, “Cube” 9 Rhino, is still pending, so it couldn’t be included in this collection update. Additionally, I purchased the auxiliary Zyuoh cubes—Cube Kuma (bear), Cube Panda, and Cube Komori (bat)—from various sellers.

Now let’s explore the components of DX VRV Robo: V-Police 2 and V-Dozer 4 Gekisou Sentai Carranger. Although this line isn’t currently my top priority, I couldn’t resist the excellent condition and reasonable price, prompting me to add them to my collection. All V machines have a robot mode as VRV fighters. While I did come across the V-Dump 3 and V-Rescue 5 components, I decided to skip them for now.

To restore my DX Dekaranger Robo, I purchased repro sticker badges as some of the original stickers were either missing or damaged. These reproduction stickers look fantastic and breathe new life into my collection. (images to be uploaded soon.)

Now, let’s move on to the larger mecha. First up is the DX Metal Append Juragaon from Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Super Sentai’s 45th-anniversary series. I’ve always had my eye on this set, but it was previously out of my budget. Luckily, I stumbled upon a seller offering Japanese goods at a competitive price, making it feel as if I bought it directly from a local Japanese toy store. This is my second purchase from this store, as I acquired my DX Don Onitaijin from them in December 2022. Regarding the DX Metal Append Juragaon, while the regular DX Juragaon design didn’t appeal to me due to its leaner, straighter feet, the Metal Append version impressed me with its additional alternative, larger feet. You can still recreate the regular DX style, but I personally prefer the added bigger feet. However, I have noticed that Zenkai Juran’s right hand feels somewhat stiff compared to other parts, which is a concern as it may break easily.

Finally, in my recent collection, I acquired the DX DairenOh (known as the Thunder Megazord in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 2) from Gosei Sentai Dairanger. The price for this item was incredibly reasonable, considering its condition and included accessories. Although it lacks the sword and the Qi Palace, it does possess the hard-to-find parts. I do plan on replacing some of the stickers, particularly on the head, as they appear faded. Overall, my DX DairenOh is a fantastic addition to my collection.

With these latest additions, my Super Sentai mecha toy collection continues to grow, bringing joy and excitement to fellow Super Sentai fans.

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