MyCollecToys Collection Update 06.20.23: DX Muteki Shogun Helmet and Sword and DX Chogokin Victory Robo Cannons

Exciting news! My Super Sentai collection just got a small but significant update. After tirelessly searching for a helmet and sword to complete my DX Muteki Shogun for a year or two, my persistence finally paid off. These particular parts were incredibly elusive, but fortunately, I managed to find them together, with a bonus sword to boot!

In my quest to enhance my collection further, I set my sights on the DX Chogokin Victory Robo. The challenge didn’t stop there, as locating its elusive cannons proved to be quite the task. Although the cannons appeared a bit worn and melted, I made the decision to acquire them regardless, determined to achieve the ultimate completion of my DX Chogokin Victory Robo. Now, my collection feels more satisfying than ever!

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