Flame Toys Announces Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Furai Model Kit

Fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, rejoice! Flame Toys is releasing a Furai model kit of their take on the Dino Megazord.

Is it just me, or does the face in this model kit look more like Zenkai Juran than it does like the Daizyujin/Dino Megazord?

A more detailed approach, but with some minor tweaks made to the iconic Megazord, is featured in the Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Furai model kit. Due to the fact that it is a combiner model kit, you will be able to recreate the transformation and combination sequence of the five individual zords from the Tank mode to the Dino Megazord mode.

Estimated retail price for the Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Furai model kit is $109 and is expected to hit shelves in August of 2023.

Source: Tokunation, Images: BIGBADTOYSTORE

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