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“Muteki Shogun: The Super Mini-Pla Collection You Won’t Be Able to Live Without!”

Muteki Shogun SMP with individual box and main box.

When I first started collecting Super Sentai and Power Rangers Megazord toys, I discovered Bandai’s Super Mini-pla lines and have wanted my very own Muteki Shogun (Shogun Megazord in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) ever since. It’s just that it’s been four years since the initial release of Muteki Shogun and the rest of the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger SMPs, and it’s impossible to purchase one in a price range perhaps close to the original. In any case, Bandai re-released some of its SMP lines, including Muteki Shogun, this year, signaling an opportunity to acquire them at a price reduction. In any case, despite the fact that they are going to be re-released, I simply cannot wait to get one, especially that’s because a seller is offering his Muteki Shogun SMP at a price that is difficult to resist. Although it is used and built, I would consider purchasing it if it were in pristine condition and had no defects.

As a result, I made the purchase without any hesitations and have never once regretted doing so; furthermore, my immediate impression has been mostly positive.

The built Muteki Shogun SMP that I purchased came with all of the individual boxes as well as the main package. It was also sealed and secured. The majority of the stickers were in excellent condition and did not peel off, with the exception of the Yellow Kumard’s sticker, which detached itself after I evaluated the item. The condition of Muteki Shogun was pleasant overall.

In light of the fact that this is my first time transforming Muteki Shogun SMP into its giant robot mode, I find it to be an excessively complicated process in comparison to its Deluxe counterpart. In addition, you need to exercise extreme caution when handling their arm parts because they are quite delicate and risk shattering if you apply too much pressure to them. When transforming him, it is almost identical to his Deluxe counterpart; the only difference is that you need to remove the heads of Yellow Kumard and Black Gammer.

Muteki Shogun SMP with my helmet less DX Muteki Shogun

Combining a component consisting of five smaller humanoid robots, each of which has a respectable number of movable parts. Unexpectedly, Muteki Shogun SMP is a collector item that can be collected. It turned out great, but the only thing I would change is to have some of the parts pre-painted rather than rely on stickers.

Muteki Shogun SMP is my newest SMP collection so far.

P. S.: I pre-ordered another copy of Muteki Shogun SMP and plan to repaint it and add more details to it.

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