Super Sentai

Check Out My SMP Daizyujin/MMPR Dino Megazord DEMO Video

I finally made my DEMO video of one of my favorite Shokugan Modeling Project (SMP) collection, the SMP Daizyujin of the 90s Super Sentai series, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger aka MMPR’s Dino Megazord. I bought it last year when Bandai re-issue some Super Sentai SMP lines and this is my first SMP to be custom-painted as well.

For the record, this is my second SMP Super Sentai DEMO video but SMP Daizyujin will be my first official DEMO video of MyCollecToys YouTube channel on the SMP line. For the DX line DEMO video, I started with DX EngineO from the Super Sentai series, Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series celebrates its 30th Anniversary this 2023 and this is my small way to contribute to one of the iconic series from the 90s. Also, the 30th Season of Power Rangers called Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be streamed on September 29, 2023 on Netflix.

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