Check Out My Preowned GoGo Drill!

GoGo Drill

It’s been a while since I uploaded DX Super Sentai mecha parts that I bought quite some time. GoGo Drill of GoGo Sentai Boukenger is one of those precious items I purchased from one of the trusted toy sellers on Facebook. I bought it months ago, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to make a demo video and blog post about it.

This orange and the sixth vehicle of the entire GoGo vehicle use a drill as its primary weapon. When combined with DaiBouken, it replaces GoGo Dozer with the right hand as Daibouken Drill. So far, the GoGo Drill I bought was still in pretty good shape and just minimal scratches. Initially, the seller had the GoGo Shovel, too but I didn’t have the budget to include it at that time. But that’s okay.

In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive version, it was called Drill Driver, and when combined with DriveMax Megazord, it will be called DriveMax Megazord Drill Formation.

Condition Rate: 10/10

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