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Bandai Action Figure S.H. Figuarts Battle Hopper Kamen Rider Black Sun: A Collector’s Delight

For fans of Kamen Rider Black and avid action figure collectors, Bandai brings forth an exciting addition to its S.H. Figuarts line-up: the Battle Hopper figure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this figure flawlessly captures the essence of Kotaro Minami, the protagonist of the popular tokusatsu series.

The standout feature of the Battle Hopper figure is its faithfully reproduced front cowl, which truly brings the character to life. Every intricate detail, from the mechanical engine area to the rustic-style muffler, has been meticulously sculpted to provide an authentic representation of the battle hopper.

To enhance the display options, the set includes a stand that allows the main body of the figure to stand independently. But that’s not all; a specially designed handle is also included, catering to collectors who own the separately sold “S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Black Sun” figure. With this handle, you can recreate dynamic scenes from the series, adding an extra layer of excitement to your display.

Furthermore, the Battle Hopper figure set offers additional replacement parts for further customization. You will find a replacement left chest part adorned with a mark, as well as a replacement head, allowing you to vary the expressions and poses of your figure. This attention to detail ensures that you can truly immerse yourself in the world of Kamen Rider Black.

The Battle Hopper figure is made of high-quality ABS/PVC materials, ensuring durability and flexibility for various poses. With a total length of approximately 180mm, this figure stands as a formidable representation of the iconic motorbike from the series. As expected from Bandai Damashii, the publisher of this collectible, no compromises have been made on the quality and craftsmanship of this figure.

Priced at 8,580 yen or 59.45 USD (tax included, shipping and handling fees not included), the Battle Hopper figure set offers excellent value for avid collectors and Kamen Rider enthusiasts. Scheduled to be shipped in May 2023, this figure is highly anticipated by fans worldwide.

Whether you are a dedicated collector or a fan of Kamen Rider Black, the BANDAI Action Figure S.H. Figuarts Battle Hopper [Kamen Rider Black Sun] is a must-have addition to your collection. With its impeccable design, attention to detail, and wide range of display options, this figure perfectly captures the spirit of the beloved tokusatsu series. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the world of Kamen Rider into your own hands. Pre-order yours today and embark on an unforgettable journey alongside Kotaro Minami and his iconic Battle Hopper.

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