Ultraman Zero THE CHRONICLE: Introducing the threezeroX Akinori Takaki Strong Corona Zero Figure

The threezeroX line of premium collectible figures has been captivating fans around the world with its collaboration between threezero and acclaimed artists. A shining example of this collaboration is the “threezeroX Akinori Takaki Ultraman Zero” figure, designed in partnership with the talented Japanese sculptor Akinori Takaki. Now, fans can rejoice as a new iteration of this figure, known as the “threezeroX Akinori Takaki Strong Corona Zero,” makes its entrance. Featuring a striking red color scheme and an array of special abilities, this figure embodies the energy and power of Strong Corona Zero.

Standing tall at approximately 34.6cm (13.6 inches), the “threezeroX Akinori Takaki Strong Corona Zero” figure is an articulated masterpiece. With an impressive 52 points of articulation, this figure offers unparalleled posability, allowing collectors to recreate their favorite iconic poses with ease. The detailed sculpting by Akinori Takaki is brought to life through meticulous paint application, ensuring that every intricate design element is faithfully captured.

One of the standout features of this figure is the LED light-up function, which brings the eyes, forehead Beam Lamp, and chest Color Timer to life. The Color Timer’s LED lights can be toggled between red and blue options, adding a dynamic touch to this already impressive collectible. Furthermore, the figure boasts a detachable pair of “Zero Sluggers” on its head, providing an extra level of customization and display options.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the figure comes with an “Ultra Zero Lance,” an iconic weapon wielded by Ultraman Zero. This accessory adds an extra layer of excitement and allows fans to recreate epic battles and heroic moments. The figure also includes five pairs of interchangeable hands, catering to various poses and actions. With one pair of opened hands, another pair designed for holding weapons, a pair of fists, and two pairs of posed hands, collectors have an extensive range of options for expressing their desired action sequence.

To ensure optimal display and stability, the threezeroX Akinori Takaki Strong Corona Zero figure comes with a threezeroX articulated figure stand. This stand not only supports the figure but also allows for dynamic mid-air poses, enabling fans to showcase their figure in dramatic battle scenes.

It’s worth noting that this incredible collectible figure is available for pre-order worldwide, with the exception of Japan. Priced at 179.99 USD, it offers a premium experience for Ultraman enthusiasts and figure collectors alike.

Whether you’re a dedicated Ultraman fan or a passionate figure collector, the threezeroX Akinori Takaki Strong Corona Zero figure is a must-have addition to any collection. With its remarkable attention to detail, articulation, and LED features, this figure brings the iconic Ultraman Zero to life in an awe-inspiring way. Don’t miss your chance to own this extraordinary collectible and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Ultraman Zero. Pre-order yours today and embark on an adventure that transcends time and space!

Source: threezero

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