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Hi guys! I have created a new toy blog called My CollecToys, and I would like to provide a few details about it. The Super Sentai and Power Rangers mecha or Megazord toylines and merchandise are where the majority of my attention is being focused right now. In 2021, while the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown was in effect, I first started collecting them. In the beginning, all I wanted was one Megazord from one of my favorite Super Sentai seasons, and that was ToQ-Oh from Ressha Sentai ToQGer (many people didn’t like the design, but it doesn’t bother me). However, I ended up collecting more than one Megazord from that series. Counting my Deluxe (DX) and Super Minipla collections together, I have almost thirty collections. Even if the majority of them are pre-owned items, I enjoy them. In addition, I do not currently have the financial means to purchase mint-in-box Deluxe toys. Haha

I decided to start a blog because I want to document and share my adventure of collecting these amazing mechas, as well as perhaps write reviews of each one. For the time being, however, I will concentrate primarily on Super Sentai mechas. In the future, I hope to expand the scope of my blog, My CollecToys, to include other of my favorite lines, such as Transformers and Gundam.

I hope you love it, guys.

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