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Months of searching paid off when I snagged a Victory Robo Super Mini-pla for just 4,000 Php or $68. The price is slightly higher than MSRP but significantly lower than the majority of sellers today. The Victory Robo is the seventh addition to my Super Sentai Super Mini-pla collection. What I think of my growing SMP library is as follows. Here are my thoughts on my additional SMP collection.


Its packaging, as you’ve probably guessed, mimics that of the Deluxe version. Stickers and pieces of its accessories were strewn across the five smaller boxes that housed the various parts of Victory Robo.


I assembled the Pink Aider first, followed by the Yellow Armor, which both appear to be the simplest to construct. As anticipated, I was able to put it together in a short amount of time. After completing both Pink Aider and Yellow Armor, my initial impression was average. Their wheels are unrollable, likely due to protrusions, and require sanding to achieve a smooth surface.

Due to these swivels, Blue Thrower is a bit difficult to put together. Also, I forget to place the sticker underneath the light bar, which is not unnoticeable once Blue Thrower is complete. Additionally, the Green Hover is very simple to assemble. It includes two visors, the first of which is plain black and the second of which requires the lighting eye sticker. As it is difficult to remove the visor and replace it with the other one and vice versa, I use the plain black visor, which is my preferred option.

Red Ladder, which consists of upper body and arm components, is the final one I assembled. It’s a bit complicated, but I had no trouble connecting the swivels, which are some of the trickier parts.


Overall, I find that the Victory Robo SMP is the simplest to assemble and combine into robot mode. Compared to its Deluxe version, transforming Victory Robo is essentially identical; the only minor difference is that you must push the front part of the Green Hover when combining it into its robot mode and extend the arm portion for greater articulation. The Victory Robo is equipped with sword cannons, open arms, and a ladder.

In terms of aesthetics, Victory Robo SMP is a huge success; it has a sleek design, fantastic mobility, and impressive attention to detail. If I had to give one criticism, it would be that replacing the visor is a bit of a pain.

Stay tuned for an update on my blog ranking my least favorite to personal favorite Super Sentai Super Mini-pla.

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