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DX Chogokin Five Robo: This Megazord is a Blast from the Past!

Our favorite childhood shows will permanently be embedded into our lives until we grow old. One of our wishes is to have a piece of these memories in the form of merchandise and collectible items.


Among the several Super Sentai mecha, the DX Chogokin Five Robo from the 1990 series Chikyu Sentai Fiveman has been a childhood wish of mine. Unlike other DX Super Sentai mecha from the 1980s and 1990s, such as Choudenshi Bioman’s DX Chogokin Bio Robo and Hikari Sentai Maskman’s DX Chogokin Great Five, DX Chogokin Five Robo does not have a ridiculously high price tag. I opted to save money and not get the boxed version, so I purchased a loose one. The only drawback is that it lacks the necessary weaponry and accessories, which might be difficult to come by even with the help of reproduction parts, which are still expensive.


Chogokin DX Five Robo components Sky Alpha, Carrier Beta, and Land Gamma, commonly known as Five Machines, are merely three vehicles, which I find odd given the show’s title and previous Sentai series with five members having separate vehicles since Hikari Sentai Maskman. Sky Alpha, a fighter plane that can transform into a truck cab while in Five Trailer mode, is piloted by FiveRed. Meanwhile, Carrier Beta (piloted by FiveBlack and FiveYellow) became the flatbed for Five Trailer, while Land Gamma (piloted by FiveBlue and FivePink) became the rear turret. Honestly, the front half of Land Gamma is more acceptable as the cab, and Sky Alpha’s design doesn’t make sense as the cab; well, it has been 32 years since it aired; however, this is just my view.


Among the Super Super Sentai mecha, DX Chogokin Five Robo stands out for its remarkable combo sequences. Being a classic mecha with multiple transformation processes, it is actually much simpler than it seems. Sky Alpha’s mecha form consists primarily of the head and upper torso. Five Robo’s arms are made of the smallest component, Land Gamma, and his back, hips, and legs are made of the most significant component, Carrier Beta.

Check out my demo video of DX Chogokin Five Robo’s combination sequence on my YouTube channel. I still don’t have its weapons and additional accessories.


All I can say is that DX Chogokin Five Robo is a Super Sentai robot to cherish. It features a delicate style and is reminiscent of old robot craftsmanship. Despite its modest design when compared to other Super Sentai mecha, it exudes a cool aura. One of my favorite things about DX Chogokin Five Robo is how simplistic his design is while maintaining a relaxing vibe. DX Chogokin Five Robo is much smaller than his predecessors, but because the majority of his pieces are made of metal, it has a pleasing heft to it and does seem quality. Metal part distribution is also superior to that of other vintage DX Chogokin Super Sentai mecha. Consider DX Chogokin Turbo Robo; Turbo Robo’s virtually metal upper body is so hefty that his legs may shatter at any time because it is only made of plastic, but the metal sections on Five Robo were much better balanced. It strengthens the Five Robo framework.

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