First Look At SMP DaiRenOh/Thunder Megazord

Bandai Japan has finally revealed the official renders of the upcoming Super Sentai Shogukan Modeling Project (SMP) this 2023 featuring the main mecha DaiRenOh of Gosei Sentai Dairanger. DaiRenOh was used in the Second Season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as the Thunder Megazord.

SMP DaiRenOh features the five Mythical Qi Beasts: RyuseiOh, Star-Shishi, Star-Tenma, Star-Kirin, Star-Houou, weapons, alternate pair of hands for both RyuseiOh mode and DaiRenOh mode, alternate face plate of DaiRenOh, and Heavenly Qi Palace stand that also serve as a weapon storage.

SMP DaiRenOh is expected to be released in Japan by August 2023 and cost at 7,920 yen (59 USD / 3,309 PHP).

UPDATE: Additional Images of SMP DaiRenOh.

Source and Images: Bandai Japan

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