Check Out Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger’s Official Trailer

The official trailer for Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger has at long last been released by Toei. This will be the 48th installment of the Super Sentai franchise, which began with Himitsu Sentai Gorenger in 1975. The series will debut on March 3, 2024 replacing Oh-sama Sentai King-Ohger.

The Boonboomger trailer takes a look at the main cast, the antagonists, and the Boonboomger Robo, the team’s enormous mecha.

And here is the plot of the Boonboomger series:

A peculiar extraterrestrial named Boondorio Boonderas, whose shape resembles a car, crash-landed on Earth and currently resides in BunRed’s garage, has a profound impact on the Boonboomgers’ lives. While Boonboomger Robo is in battle, Boondorio transforms into his main body. Veteran VA Rica Matsumoto will provide the voice for the character and also sing the series’ theme song.

Boondorio. VA Rica Matsumoto

Boonboomger Rangers

BunRed/Taiya Hando

BunRed/Taiya Hando is a young man who has a flaming heart and a passion for cars. He has a habit of rebuilding and customizing his special vehicle. Haruhi Iuchi plays the role of BunRed.

BunBlue/Ishiro Meita

BunBlue/Ishiro Meita, who is portrayed by Yuki Hayama, is the technical specialist of the team. He possesses a vast array of information and always conducts himself in a professional setting.

BunPink/Mirai Shifuto

BunPink/Mirai Shifuto, who is performed by Suzuki Miu, is a woman who is described as being bright and intellectual. She has a propensity to drive off to any location that she deems fascinating.

BunBlack/Jou Akuse

BunBlack/Jou Akuse, portrayed by Saito Ryu, is a rookie police officer who has a serious demeanor and a history of occurring in “comedic” situations.

BunOrange/Gemba Bureki

The character BunOrange/Gemba Bureki, who is portrayed by Satoru Soma, is described as a kind yet evasive individual who is able to get anything he desires from other people.

The Boonboomgers are going to engage in combat with the Hishiriyan’s Three Generales of the Space Mafia!

Junichi Suwabe provides the voice for the character of Decotrade, an arrogant and troublesome warrior who has aspirations of climbing the ranks of the organization.

An other aspirational soldier is Itasha, whose voice is provided by Nana Mizuki.

It is possible that Yaiyai Yarker, who is voiced by Sumire Morohoshi, is the most peculiar member of the Generals. He does not have a humanoid frame and instead appears to have the body of a transport vehicle.

Coming Boon!

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