Super Sentai

Bandai Announces SMP GingaiOh (Galaxy Megazord)

The most recent addition to Bandai‘s Super Sentai Shokugan Modeling Project line, or simply SMP, this year, caught fans of Power Rangers and Super Sentai off guard.

In all honesty, I am hoping to see a 1980s SMP Super Sentai mecha in 2024.

Daitensei Ginseiju! Seijuu Gatai!!! SMP Seijuu Sentai Gingaman GingaiOh (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy’s Galaxy Megazord) has officially been announced as Bandai’s latest SMP project for the Super Sentai franchise this year.

Aside from the scale and articulated elements, the main difference between SMP GingaiOh and the original DX Chogokin GingaiOh mecha is that the optional set of hands is kept under Gingarilla’s feet – and finally, he can drum his chest.

According to the Bandai Candy website, SMP GingaiOh will be reproduced in a single box, similar to its Deluxe (DX) counterpart.

Daitensei Ginseiju! Seijuu Gattai!!! SMP Seijuu Sentai Gingaman GingaiOh pre-orders will begin on February 20, 2024 for 6,800 yen or 2,535 in Philippine peso and 45.22 USD. Official release date will be in June 2024.

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