Unveiling the Enthralling Trailer and Melodic Theme Song of Kingdom: Flames of Destiny

Exciting news for all fans of Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom manga! TOHO has treated us to a new exclusive trailer for Kingdom: Flames of Destiny (キングダム 運命の炎), the highly anticipated third installment of the live-action film series. Released on Saturday, this trailer offers a glimpse into the breathtaking Shi Ka (Zi Xia) arc and the Battle of Bayou, where the valiant Shin (Xin) and Ō Ki (Wang Qi) unite to repel the fearsome invasion by the formidable Chō (Zhao) from the north.

© 原泰久/集英社 © 2023映画「キングダム」製作委員会/© Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha © 2023 Movie “Kingdom” Production Committee

But that’s not all; the trailer is accompanied by an awe-inspiring theme song titled “Gold ~また逢う日まで~ (~Until We Meet Again~)” performed by the Japanese-American pop singer 宇多田ヒカル/Hikaru Utada. The enchanting lyrics resonate with the spirit of the story, capturing the essence of hope, happiness, and the power of cherished memories. As the song goes, “追いかけても追いつけ幸せはそばで待ってるだけ楽しいことばかりじゃないけど嫌なことなんていつかまた思い出話する日の花になるまで知らないよあなたのように輝けるものを飾りにも誰のもの何もならない” (Even if I chase after you, I’ll catch up with you. Happiness is just waiting by your side. It’s not all fun, but the bad things will someday become flowers when we talk about memories again).

The captivating trailer introduces us to new cast members who are set to bring the manga’s pivotal characters to life. Anne Watanabe joins the ensemble as Shi Ka (Zi Xia), adding depth and complexity to the unfolding narrative. Additionally, Kataoka Ainosuke VI portrays Fuu Ki (Feng Ji), Kōji Yamamoto embodies Chō Sō (Zhao Zhuang), Yuki Yamada takes on the role of Man Goku (Wan Ji), Eri Murakawa portrays You Li (Yū Ri), and Hinako Sakurai brings Dong Mei (Tō Bi) to the screen. With such a talented cast, viewers can expect captivating performances that breathe life into these beloved characters.

The familiar faces from the previous films return to reprise their roles, ensuring a seamless continuation of the Kingdom saga. Kento Yamazaki once again embodies Shin (Xin), while Ryō Yoshizawa portrays Ei Sei (Yin Zheng). Takao Osawa returns as Ō Ki (Wang Qi), and Kanna Hashimoto takes on the role of Ka Ryō Ten (He Liao Diao). Nana Seino, Hiroshi Tamaki, and Kōichi Satō also reprise their respective characters Kyо̄ Kai, Sho Hei Kun (Lord Changping), and Ryo Fui (Lu Buwei), adding familiarity and continuity to the story.

Under the direction of Shinsuke Satō, known for his exceptional work on live-action adaptations such as Gantz, Death Note Light up the NEW world, and Bleach, Kingdom: Flames of Destiny promises to captivate audiences with its masterful storytelling and stunning visual effects. With Hara and Tsutomu Kuroiwa, the talented scriptwriters of One Piece Film Gold, live-action Black Butler, and GANTZ:O, at the helm, fans can rest assured that the integrity of the manga will be faithfully portrayed on the big screen.

© 原泰久/集英社 © 2023映画「キングダム」製作委員会/© Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha © 2023 Movie “Kingdom” Production Committee

The wait will soon be over, as Kingdom: Flames of Destiny is set to open on July 28. Prepare to be enthralled by the epic battles, gripping plot twists, and the indomitable spirit of Shin and Ō Ki. Immerse yourself in a world where honor, camaraderie, and the pursuit of greatness converge in a tale that will leave a lasting impact. Get ready to witness the birth of legends—this is one cinematic adventure you won’t want to miss!

Source: Anime News Network

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