Super Sentai

This Is It! Got My DX DaiTanKen aka DualDrive Megazord

I finally recieved my DX DaiTanKen (DX ダイタンケン) of GoGo Sentai Boukenger. In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, the megazord is known as the DualDrive Megazord. Here are some of the pics that I’ve taken last night.

DX DaiTanKen (DX ダイタンケン)

DaiTanKen can be combined with DX DaiBouken to create Ultimate Rumbling Fusion Ultimate DaiBouken (究極轟轟合体アルティメットダイボウケン) aka DriveMax Ultrazord. It can also combined with DaiBouken without the GoGo Jet (Sonic Streaker) to form Super Rumbling Fusion Super DaiBouken (超轟轟合体スーパーダイボウケン) aka Super DriveMax Megazord.

DX DaiTanKen is my first secondary mecha collection from 2000s Super Sentai series.

Impression? Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of DX DaiTanKen look but combining it with DaiBouken as the Ultimate DaiBouken, I really like its overall look. It wasn’t ridiculously tall compared with other Ultrazord form and I like how detailed this robot is.

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