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Premium Bandai Announces Donbrothers Zanglassword Memorial Edition

The Zanglassword Memorial Edition by Don Momotaro has been faithfully recreated.

With reference to the 46th Super Sentai series Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Premium Bandai has revealed information regarding an upcoming Memorial Edition of Zanglassword. Presently set to be on sale in January 2024 at a suggested retail price of 16,500 Yen or 118.20 USD.

What exactly is the Zanglassord?

It’s Don Momotaro’s signature weapon, a sunglasses-shaped katana. When Momotaro is waiting his turn in battle, he can wield it as a boomerang to fend off his enemies. To execute the killing blow, he spins the gear on the Zanglassword three times, then once more to activate the finisher. Then, when he was ready, he would pull the sword’s trigger to unleash a torrent of twelve different colors called the Avataro Slash. Don Momotaro can unleash an assault inspired by a specific Sentai squad by attaching an Avataro Gear to the top of a DonBlaster.

Don Momotaro’s Zanglassword Memorial Edition weapon is remade with a more screen-accurate appearance and is 140% larger than the original Deluxe (DX) offering. Even though it is larger than the DX version, the Zanglassword Memorial Edition is still compatible with Avataro Gears, and this edition will come with a unique Don Onitaijin Robotaro Gear. With this release, the Donbrothers cast will contribute several brand-new sound effects and dialogue passages.

Source: Tokunation

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