My Thoughts On Voltes V: Legacy Live-Action Series

GMA 7 is producing a live-action series of the iconic giant robot anime series from the seventies Voltes V. Voltes V : Legacy, as they named the live-action adaptation, is one ambitious project on Philippine TV. So my question is, can they pull this one off successfully?

Screengrab from Voltes V: Teaser Trailer

There are currently two official promotional videos available for Voltes V: Legacy. These videos feature a modernized and mechanically-detailed version of the iconic giant robot in a live-action approach from the formation sequence, as well as some excerpts from the battle scene. In all honesty, if Voltes V Legacy continues to include the CGI robot fight scene in each episode, the show will undoubtedly be a huge success. But despite this, I continue to consider the possibility that it is not the case. In Voltes V: Legacy, they will probably adopt the Tokusatsu strategy for some of the other giant robot fight scenes if my assumption is correct.

What is Tokusatsu?

It originated in Japan and has utilized in numerous well-known films and television series, including Godzilla, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Super Sentai/Power Rangers. Tokusatsu is a method that utilizes practical effects such as Suitmation for monsters or, in the case of Super Sentai/Power Rangers, a suit actor dressed in a monster or robot costume. The usage of miniature cities or landscapes is also common in these tactics, as seen in Ultraman and Super Sentai’s colossal combat scenes. In some circumstances, they also use modest CG effects.

Look at the following scenes from Mashin Sentai Kiramager, the 44th season of the Super Sentai series, which premiered in 2020. They will provide you with an insight into how the Tokusatsu genre works.

My Speculations

My theories were solely based on what I observed in the Super Sentai series. Remember that this is only speculation, and I think GMA will apply this technique to Voltes V Legacy. If done correctly, using the Tokusatsu style is not a bad thing in Voltes V: Legacy. I believe the first giant robot fight sequence in Voltes V: Legacy will mainly rely on CGI effects, as evidenced by the trailer excerpt. Nonetheless, the following massive robot fight sequences in subsequent episodes will be more Tokusatsu in nature. Voltes V: Legacy will most likely air at primetime. Again, this is just my guess. If it airs Mondays through Fridays, Voltes V: Legacy’s first four days will be devoted to developing the story, dramas, and perhaps in-person fight scenes. The enormous robot fight sequence will most likely occur on Friday’s time slot.

Creating this type of CGI gigantic robot fight scenario takes a lot of time, expertise, budget, and more, and it remains to be seen if GMA can pull it off from start to end. I believe the show will be hugely successful not only in the Philippines, but also internationally. GMA previously attempted with Zaido, but many Tokusatsu fans were disappointed with the outcome. GMA is primarily known for their immensely hit Fantaseryes, which include the old and new versions of Encantadia, Mulawin, and Amaya. Voltes V: Legacy is a whole new level, and fans are very critical about the outcome of this adaptation.

Voltes V: Legacy is expected to be release in 2023. What are your thoughts about it?

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