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DX PatKaiser And LupinKaiser: What Makes Them Unique?

PatKaiser and LupinKaiser


Let’s look back once again at the DX mechas of PatKaiser and LupinKaiser from one of the most exciting seasons of Super Sentai, the Keisatsu Sentai Patranger VS Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger, which pits two competing teams of rangers with police and a thief theme against one another.

Both the DX PatKaiser and the LupinRanger, which were both released in 2018, continues to be two of my favorite Super Sentai mecha from the 2010s era. I really hope that Hasbro Power Rangers will still adapt them in some way for the future seasons.

As a prerequisite to transforming into their huge robot forms, both mecha need to employ the core piece auxiliary mecha GoodStriker.

Going back to the PatKaiser and the LupinKaiser, one of the things that sets them apart from other mecha is the fact that in order to transform into their colossal robot modes, they both require the use of the core piece called GoodStriker. To my knowledge, Super Sentai has never done anything like that before because the majority of the time, the rangers’ vehicles serve as the basis for their respective mecha components.

When GoodStriker joins forces with either the Patrangers’ Trigger Machines or the Lupinrangers’ Dial Fighters, it transforms into the appropriate form for that team.

Patrangers’ Trigger Machines

The GoodStriker, along with the Trigger Machines of 1gou, 2gou, and 3gou, which are piloted by Patren 1gou, Patren 2gou, and Patren 3gou accordingly, make up the Patranger’s default mecha PatKaiser.

Lupinrangers’ Dial Fighters

Just like PatKaiser, GooStriker is required for the Dial Fighters of Red, Blue, and Yellow to unite into LupinKaiser. Those certain aircraft are piloted by Lupin Red, Lupin Blue, and Lupin Yellow, respectively.

PatKaiser Mode

The combination sequence is simple and not difficult to understand in any way. Let’s begin with GoodStriker; you must press the cockpit-like button at the top to unlock it and extend its legs. Split the lower part into what will become its feet (make sure that the silver piece was shown on the knee pad cause it is for the PatKaiser mode and the red one for Lupin Kaiser mode). Pulling down on the trigger and dialer component of GoodStriker while in a standing position will expose a plug for the head to be attached to Trigger Machine 1gou. Before linking any Trigger Machines to GoodStriker to form PatKaiser, ensure that all machines are in the Attack mode.

LupinKaiser Mode

The combination sequence of LupinKaiser is also relatively straightforward. Simply check that the knee pad was arranged on the red side. In order to complete LupinKaiser, Dial Fighters need to turn on their Attack mode by rotating the diallers, then connect them to GoodStriker.


Whether you agree or disagree, both of the mecha look amazing in their toy versions. Comparing the current generation of Super Sentai mecha DX lines to the one that came before reveals that the current iteration has some advantages. On the other hand, a good number of the Sentai mechas from the past have more impressive transformation sequences, better details, and a more premium appearance overall. We can’t deny that many of them have a lot of brittle parts, so we make sure to handle them with a great deal of extra care. Due to the fact that children made up the majority of customers for DX lines, I believe that the current Super Sentai toy format is much more favorable for playing with by children. However, I do wish there were special items available only to adults and collectors in some capacity. Check out additional images from both PatKaiser and LupinKaiser below.

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