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Bandai Japan Announces Kamen Rider Geats DX Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle And DX Buster QB9

Bandai Japan is going to release both Kamen Rider GeatsDX Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle and DX Buster QB9 on June 3, 2023. The DX Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle will be available for 5,720 yen or 41.24 USD and the DX Buster QB9 will be available for 5,500 yen or 39.66 USD.

DEMO Video From BANDAI’s Official YouTube Channel

And here’s a brief info of both Kamen Rider Geats’ Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle and Buster QB9:

Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle:

Kamen Rider Geats can switch between his two forms with the help of the Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle. This Raise Buckle is used in conjunction with the Desire Driver (not included) to achieve Kamen Rider Geats Boost Mark III’s first form. Kamen Rider Geats activates the transformation standby sound by severing the other half of the Raise Buckle and connecting both halves to the DX Desire Driver. To change into Kamen Rider Geats’s ultimate form, Kamen Rider Geats IX, press the button, then Revolve On to the belt to unfold the pieces, and finally release the lever.

Buster QB9:

The Geats Buster QB9 is Kamen Rider Geats IX’s unique weapon; it can be used in either a blade or railgun configuration. The special move standby sound can be activated by setting the Boost Mark IX Raise Buckle and pulling the lever (both of which are sold separately). To use this finisher, pull the trigger. You can also attach additional Raise Buckles to this item to trigger their respective tones whenever this item is boosted.

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