Starscream Joins threezero’s Transformers MDLX Line

Starscream joins Bumblebee (regular and gold edition), Optimus Prime, Megatron, Nemesis Prime, Cliffjumper and Rodimus Prime on threezero’s MDLX Line.

threezero is ecstatic to present Starscream, the malevolent Decepticon Air Commander and the leader of the Seekers as the newest character to join the MDLX series. MDLX is a new line of articulated figures that captures the essence of threezero’s famous DLX series at a smaller scale with a same high range of articulation and exceptional durability, resulting in a price that is ground-breakingly low. MDLX figures are available in a variety of different colors and come with a variety of different accessories.

MDLX Starscream Descriptions

Height: approximately 7.8 inches (20 centimeters) when measured to the top of his wings.

No. of Points of Mobility: Over 50 points.

  • Thanks to the internal frame system that is constructed from engineering-grade plastics and threezero’s distinctive Die-cast Zinc Alloy.


  • two interchangeable faces
  • one detachable back wing system
  • two detachable null-ray cannons
  • two detachable original design blades by threezero
  • four pairs of interchangeable hands.

Additional Feature:

  • two null-ray cannons that can be detached.
  • this way, it’s possible to recreate the iconic scene from the first Transformers cartoon in which Starscream poses as Optimus Prime by attaching the airplane back wing system to the back of the MDLX version of Optimus Prime, which is offered separately. It is possible to detach and reattach the null-ray weapons and blades to the wings of the ship.

Kelvin Sau, art director at threezero, reimagined the classic Transformers TV and toy line from the 1980s as the Transformers MDLX range of figurines. They retain tactile playability and durability thanks to threezero’s distinctive Die-cast Zinc Alloy and engineering-grade plastics frame technology. Each figure is finished with careful craftsmanship and weathered paint application, giving fans a chance to experience their favorite Transformers characters in a whole new way.

Source: threezero Official Website

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