Looks Like I Fell In Love With Optimus Prime

I bought my second Transformers: Rise of The Beasts Optimus Prime collection, the MHZ Toys MHM-01 Supreme Commander and I absolutely love this version based on the original SS-102 ROTB Optimus Prime.

I honestly think that it’s a waste of money getting the original SS-102 ROTB Optimus Prime cause it lacks accesories and I don’t really like it.

KO SS-102 ROTB Optimus Prime Version BMB OP-01 and MHM-01

The MHZ Toys MHM-01 Supreme Commander have lots of pros than cons in my opinion and have better color combination, almost true to the Optimus Prime from Rise of the Beasts movie. Plus the upscale size of it defer from other similar iteration of SS-102 ROTB Optimus Prime.

BAIWEI TW-1030 is another copy of SS-102 ROTB Optimus Prime and I’m getting it too. Its size is similar to the original and BMB OP-01 but difinitely have better color, lots of accesories like MHM-01 and better robot mode and truck mode.

P.S. I will upload more pics and video of it after my work is done.

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