HAULY TIME: Found A Replacement For My GoGoFive’s DX Victory Robo Pink Aider (Med Rescue 5)

My DX Victory Robo from Chikyuu Sentai GoGoFive (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) has had many of its pieces replaced, with the exception of Green Hover (Aero Rescue 3), controlled by GoGreen (Lightspeed Rescue Green) on the GoGoFive TV series. The white body discoloration isn’t as severe as on my current Pink Aider, and aside from the defaced unusual light mirror stickers, it’s in good shape.

The most recent component of Victory Robo to be upgraded is the Pink Aider, which is commanded by GoPink and previously featured in Power Rangers as being piloted by Pink LightSpeed Ranger in her capacity as Med Rescue 5. In contrast to some of my other DX collections, my DX Victory Robo has had parts replaced no less than three times. I’m going to put those spare parts up for sale at some point.

What is my overall assessment of this product? I would have given it a perfect score of ten if it weren’t for the defacement caused by the removed sticker on the rear signal lights.

The only accessories that are still necessary to complete my DX Victory Robo are the double extinguisher guns and the brave sword. I have my fingers crossed that I can hunt down those accessories before the year is through.

Condition Rate: 8/10

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